Services Offerd

Identifying partners for APIs, FDFs, Intermediates, BE Studies, CROs and work along side till the completion of the project-
Offer EU Dossiers/ ANDAs
Offer Natural/Herbal/Nutritional Products
Customized solutions based on the Individual Business needs
Investment solutions in Indian Market, create Ground work and establish presence for Foreign companies.
Take up Regulatory compliance audits for GMP/ GLP on behalf of Global clients.
Identifying Products & Suppliers
Providing Mkt Info, Supplier Evaluation
Initiate discussions with suppliers and provide the technical data, timeline commitments
Initial Plant & IP evaluations, supplier comparison information.
Project Management, Discussion relating to specifications, DMF/Dossier preparations and timeline management, Regulatory Compliance
Coordination in negotiations relating to commercial parameters in CDA, Development/ Supply agreements
Conducting Plant GMP audits, coordination for completion of compliance reports, coordination during Registration procedure
Logistics, coordination relating to shipments, Documents, payments, Resolving quality complaints.